Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

Classic Battle Royale textures are totally different compared to multi-player gameplay in Call of Duty Mobile. You won't be opportune to start with your chosen loadout, you can't just respawn at will and there is a much larger play area. It’s a much more strategic game than the battle of multi-player. Even the UI is slightly different.

Alcatraz Battle Royale shares similar texture with classic Battle Royale. Players, slide into Alcatraz map empty handed, however, players are permitted to respawn 5 times with a minimal loadout from previous accumulated weaponry. Additionally, classes like ninja, medic, defender etc are randomly located in-game, same applies to chip terminal upgrade. If you are interested in finding the best hacks for Call of Duty Mobile then keep reading to the end.

Switch to FPP: If you play more of multi-player and you are accustom to the First-Person Perception, you can change to that view with a tap, rather than the Third-Person Perception.

Choose your landing position carefully: The Isolated map is equally well laden with both vehicles and weapons, but if you land in a built-up area, you're more likely to get enemy contact, in such case, the first person to get a weapon might win the combat. It’s advisable to go to a little more remote area where you're likely to survive through the first 10 minutes.

Work as a team or not: in a duo or squad match, team work makes the dream work. Land with your team, transit with your team, fight along with your team and then you'll easily win. But if your teammates are strongminded to drop into contact and perish straight away, you might want to go solo and survive, so you can return for their tags. Battle Royale is about survival, if you are a kill enthusiast, play multi-player mode instead.

Revive your teammates: In most of multi-player modes, CoDM lets you respawn, in Battle Royale mode that's not automatic, your teammate has to assist. Pick up dog tags from fallen comrades, scan them and they can return back into the game through a revival flight. They live to fight another day. If you're knocked down, wait for your teammate to heal you. Also, if you are shot and died immediately, don't exit the game, watch your teammates and learn hoe they play while giving them time to bring you back in.

Patiently wait for dog tag collectors, and eliminate the team: As above, once you've eliminated someone, their teammates will attempt to come for their dog tags and revive them. Wait around a little or if you’re using the trap class, place a trap around their crate and you could get finish off the team. Of course, stay alert and watch carefully when collecting tags.

Don't bother, you've got a wingsuit: Since you're wearing a wingsuit, it doesn't really matter if you jump of a helicopter or fall off the ledge of a tower you'll survive. Use that to your advantage. You can glide right on top or behind someone and pop 'em with your shotgun. This occurs more often if you don't have the range to engage from the top of a mountain or while gliding with airborne. It's really fun.

Keep an eye on the mini-map and look for footprints: Identifying where the enemy is, is half the fight in Battle Royale. Watch the mini-map for footprints if you're ahead of your teammates. Furthermore, keep your ears open and you'll identify the direction where they are. Before they know it, you're there. That's the route to winning.

Hit the deck: Unlike multi-player where hitting the deck (lying down) means dying in the dirt, in Battle Royale you can camp and wait until your enemy is within range before engaging them. It really works and pro players distaste this move.

Watch your ammo: There are lots of different weapons, but you can use up your ammo really fast especially with SMGs. As such. It is essential you keep an eye on the quantity you have left; ensure you're not amassing stuff you don't need and make sure your secondary weapon is useful and you have mastered it.

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